In a love story that is practically made for the silver screen, the Princess of Norway has decided to vacate her royal ranking and everything that the title entails at the Royal House of Norway in order to pursue a relationship with her American fiancé. Princess Märtha Louise (51) got engaged to Durek Verrett (47), a self-professed shaman and “celebrity” spiritual healer from Sacramento, California, during the Summer.

In addition to being an American citizen, Princess Märtha Louise’s fiance Durek has Haitian, East Indian, and Norwegian ancestry. The highly publicized relationship between the couple has been the subject of controversy in Norway for quite some time, largely because of racial undertones and Durek’s belief that he could have predicted the horrendous “9/11” catastrophe in America and that cancer was a choice (according to his book). In the past, Durek has gone public with his displeasure regarding the treatment of him and his fiancée, claiming that the Royal House of Norway did not want to see Princess Märtha Louise become the first European of royalty to marry a Black man.